Labor Day

We will be open Monday, September 7 from 9 am til 12 noon for berry picking, flowers, herbs and vegetables. Winter squash is now available in the farmstand. We will be closed Tuesday September 8.

Raspberry Field Closed for Ripening

Our raspberry field will be closed for ripening Saturday August 22. The plants have been picked clean. Call our phone message at 860-786-7486 for Sunday picking update.

The farmstand, blueberry field, flower field and herb garden will be open Saturday. There are still blueberries to be picked although they are almost done.


Our fall red raspberry crop is ready for picking. (Yellow raspberries coming soon). Plants are loaded and berries are so delicious. There are still blueberries to be picked although they are almost done. Flowers, herbs and vegetables also available. Weather forecast for the rest of the week is fantastic – come on out and join us on the farm for a relaxing time picking.

Our delicious red, white & blue potatoes have been dug and are available in our farmstand. If you have never eaten a fresh dug potato you are in for a treat – they taste fantastic! Our juicy melons, from single serving to family size, are so sweet.We like them plain or with cottage cheese (no, we don’t sell or make cottage cheese – sorry). Come on out and pick up fresh vegetables, and a free flower – we hope it will bring you a smile during these uncertain times.

Yummy, Yummy Blueberries

Our blueberry plants are loaded with big blue ripe berries just waiting for you. Blueberry muffins, blueberries in yogurt, blueberry smoothie, blueberry pancakes, blueberry jam, blueberries on ice cream, blueberries & whipped cream, blueberry pie, or just plain ole fresh blueberries. . . anyway you like them. We are open until 7pm Thursdays, 5 pm other days. See you soon at the farm!

Tuesday July 28

We are closing at 12:30 today due to oppressive humidity. We will re-open at 9 am tomorrow. We are picking red and purple raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Sunday and Cherry Tomatoes

Due to the expected extreme heat and humidity on Sunday July 19, we will open at 9 am and close at 12 noon for the health and safety of our staff. Our farmstand and entrance building are not air conditioned.

We are having a red cherry tomato sale: buy 1 container-get one container free. Come on out to the farm this weekend!

Raspberry Colors, Blackberries and Blueberries

Raspberries come in red, yellow-pink blush, black and purple. We have them all along with big beautiful blackberries ready for picking as well. The plants are loaded so picking is very easy! Blueberry harvest will begin on Sunday July 12 at 9 am. The blueberry field will close once it is picked out to avoid folks picking unripe fruit. Hope to see you at the farm soon.

The farm is closing at 5 pm on Thursday July 9 instead of the usual 7pm.